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[CFF] The Resita is ready to run !!

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 16 January 2018 with 3 Comments


the last work is done on the Resita and the loco is ready to run.

Beside the paint on the cab, I added some last details as well, like the oil pump on the right hand cylinder or the sucker-pipe to take water. I used a white crayon to add the washed trim on the water tanks and bunker.

After the airbrush-weathering, I added the last details to give here the prototypical look of a well used Romanian logging loco. The number plates are custom etched, as the kit is delivered with 764-484 plates.

And here she is, finished and ready for first service – CFF 764-467 of the Cimpul Cetatii line in the 1992 version.

The loco was finished on Dec. 23rd. so I was able to run here during the annual X-mas-steam-up the next day.

Since the loco was finished, I took a break (hard to believe) and I’ll start with finishing the cars next week. So stay tuned, the Cimpul Cetatii story will be continued

Regards, Gerd

[CFF] The Resita is nearly done

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 9 January 2018 with No Comments

Hello again,

this might be the forelast report until the Resita is finished. After the successful test runs under steam, I installed the RC-components. I use 4 channels for reverse gear, steam valve, whistle and brake.

The brake was added subsequently, after I noticed that I need one to slow down the train on downward grades. As on the prototype, the brake acts on the two center wheelsets. It’s connected to a RC-servo below the cab floor.

As the body shell arrived, the full size and dimension of the loco become clear. As on the frame, I spend some extra work to the cab to add more details and get some closer to the prototype. This includes rivet-detail on cab and coal bunker as well as the correct shaped back of the bunker.

This was one of the bigger challenges. The left photo shows the difference between the single bend version on the model, vs. the more prototypical S-curve, shown on the left. This is another reason, why I extended the frame, as it now fit’s to the correct cab.

The new bunker-back was bend from steel-sheet. As on the cab, I added rivet’s where they were found on the prototype (on cab and bunker, while the water tanks are welded on all Resita). I use a std. circular board as drilling template, solder the brass rivets from the back and finally filed them flush.

The last remaining work is paint, plates, weathering and lots of details…

Regards, Gerd

A new steam loco engineer got trained

Posted by Gerd on Friday, 5 January 2018 with 2 Comments

I often read about the live steam hobby, that this is something for “old men”…

Well, our little daughter (3) is too young to know about that, so she just enjoys, that she has fun with. Running dads live steam trains for example…

I’m glad to have more than one live steam loco, so we won’t get in trouble.

Proudly, Dad

[CFF] more paint for the Resita & first steam-up

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 2 January 2018 with 2 Comments

I’m totally in love with logging railroads, mostly for the worn out and cluttered look of the locos as well as the whole railroads. Clean and shiny museum railroad locos are missing the special flair and charm of the railroads when they are still in service back in the 80′ and 90′. So I grabbed […]