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[CFF] News from the Resita-shop

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 with No Comments


the Resita loco is rolling!! But still not from own power. Last weekend I assembled the drivers and installed them in the frame. I had to wait for replacement axles, since the delivered ones were too short. Thanks to the great support of Mr. Reppingen at this point.

The chassis of the Resita features four axles, which allows side-move for several millimeters. The main shaft from 4mm stainless steel is installed in the outside frame as usual, but the wheels are riding on bronze tubes, which can slide over the steel axle. A screw in the steel axle transmits the power to the tube.

With this setup, the loco can run on 2′ radius tracks. But it looks odd with the huge engine on such a tiny curve. Which leads me directly into some thinking about minimum-radius :

The prototype uses Klien-Lindner-axles on the first and fourth wheelset and is able to run on 30m radius curves. Calculating the prototype minimum radius down to 15mm scale, the tightest curve for my model should be 5′ radius (!). Nearly all garden layouts in my area are built with LGB-R3 which has a 4′ radius, which will be used on my future railroad as well.

On the wider curves, the full side-movement of all wheelsets isn’t necessary, so I locked the center drivers with some washers. As on the prototype, only the end wheelsets are moving. this setup works even fine on 3′ radius, which is the smallest one I can run my Shays on.

Next I assembled the cylinders and mounted them temporary to the frame. The last photo shows the reshaped rear cylinder covers.

Since the drivers were already in place, I adjusted the cranks and installed the coupling rods. The loco is rolling very smooth and I look forward to get the valve gear attached soon as well for some test-runs on compressed air.

Last job this weekend were the cylinder top plates from brass sheet and the steam-feed-pipes bend from 8mm round-brass.

Let’s see if the loco is running next week 😉


[CFF] Reshaping the cylinder covers

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 5 December 2017 with No Comments

Welcome back to another report on my Resita-build.

I spend some work on the cylinder covers. Comparing the stock cylinders with the prototype photo shows some differences I like to negotiate.

First I added another 6 screw-heads to each of the large covers. I set a second set of holes, tapped them for M2-screws. The screws got cut off on the back and filed flush with the cover.

The smaller covers above for the piston-valves were made from cnc-milled parts. The original piece is screwed into a hole of the steam-chest. I made a threaded-plug two close the hole with a smaller threaded-bore inside. Now I can screw the new covers into place with the center-bolt.

Now to the top cover of the steam chest. I made new ones from a piece of brass to make them 4mm higher than before. The new covers are “hand-cranked” on my regular mill, which was actual faster than cnc-milling.

I used a single block of brass, milled the first cover, turned the piece over and milled the second cover. I sawed the block in half and milled each cover to final shape. Now the cylinder is much closer to the prototype look.

Next I’ll finish the rear covers as well and start to assemble the cylinders.


[CFF] The suspension details and couplers arrived!

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 with No Comments

Good morning, I finally got my latest delivery from Shapeways, including the suspension detail and couplers for my Resita. I designed them on the PC as 3D-model and got them 3D-printed in brass. Actually, they don’t print directly in brass, they print a wax-model, which is than cast in brass as usual. The photos above […]

[CFF] Details for the journal guides

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 21 November 2017 with No Comments

Hello, today, I’ve only a small update. I did some modification to the journal guides. The kit-version is flat and not so close to the prototype. So I took some 3mm brass and milled a 1.5mm deep slot into it. Another piece of brass got silver-soldered on top to form a “pipe”. I sliced the […]

[CFF] A new back for the Resita

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 with No Comments

I already showed the pieces last week, and here they are in place. As the front pilot, the rear is also very basic on the model. Compared with the prototype, there’s a lot of potential for a model builder like me. I designed a new end beam and cnc-milled it out of 2mm brass. I […]

[CFF] Rebuild the front pilot

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 7 November 2017 with No Comments

Hello, another week at the Resita-workshop has passed and I made progress on the front pilot. I filed the edges and “rivets” flush with the frame. From prototype photos, I made a proportional drawing of the front cut-outs and rivet location, which I printed on self-adhesive labels. Once the drawing was sticked onto the brass […]

[CFF] First work on the frame

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 with No Comments

Hi, once the long list of projects was done, I started work on the frame. First I un-soldered the tool boxes at the rear end beam and the center support for the water tanks. The valve gear on the real Resita shows a lifting arm behind the expansion link while on the model version, the […]

[CFF] The “Resita”-kit arrived

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 with 3 Comments

Hello, last weekend, I picked up the first two kits for my new Resita-loco at Dampfmodellbau Reppingen. It was a very exciting and interesting visit. I was able to get the components for the chassis and boiler. The cab and water tanks as well as bunch of details will be shipped later. I was very […]