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[CFF] The “Resita”-kit arrived

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 24 October 2017 with 1 Comment


last weekend, I picked up the first two kits for my new Resita-loco at Dampfmodellbau Reppingen. It was a very exciting and interesting visit. I was able to get the components for the chassis and boiler. The cab and water tanks as well as bunch of details will be shipped later. I was very impressed by the workshop. It would be really great to have such a workshop on its own.

Back at home, I checked all the parts to get a feeling of the loco and the kit. While doing so, I also noted some changes and improvements, which I like to add to my loco, to make her one-of-a-kind.

Basically I’ll keep the Reppingen-loco technically, while I’ll spend some work on cosmetic details such position of the domes, the front boiler support, details on the frame and many others.

Most of them are small bits, but may result in a very nice and close-to-prototype-model. As usual, I’ll post the progress here on my blog.

Stay tuned, Gerd

Demolition Man !!!

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 12 September 2017 with No Comments

Hello followers,

today, I don’t have a logging railroad related post, since I didn’t find the time last week for my model trains…

On our L-shaped property, we had a aux. building standing in the corner, blocking up the sight access to the upper garden area as well as cages up the small garden piece behind the house. Since our first look at the situation, we decided to torn down the old building, since it wasn’t in good condition anymore. Last week, day X was reached…

But first, I spend some preparing work, while removing the remains inside as well as material which have to be disposed otherwise than the rubble. This means the windows and door for example as well as isolation material. Beside the building to the right was also the old outhouse with cesspit, which was actually out of use for a long time now. Originally, the house had a peaked roof, which got removed during the summer. Now it’s time to torn down the rest of the structure.

I borrowed some heavy equipment to get the ceiling down, which was very well made out of concrete, stable enough to carry tanks I guess. Some friends from the neighborhood and family helped me out on this job. As tricky as the ceiling was, the walls were easy to fold in once the ceiling was down, so we managed to get the whole structure down within one day.

The next day, we cleaned up the mess and removed the remaining of the walls and foundations. Since the rubble container was already filled, we piled up the other stuff inside the carport. We’ll get the next container tomorrow.

Even out daughter was involved in the hard work, collecting pieces from the lawn and carrying rubble with her small wheel barrow. Maybe she knew, that on top of the old floor, a small playground will be erected next. And by the way, we were well catered by my wife.

Well, what a difference between Thursday and Sunday. Now we have much more light in our house and garden and we found a good flat ground for the playground coming soon. And at least, there was some Shay-action on the late Sunday just for fun…

Cheers, Gerd

My roots in model logging railroad

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 7 August 2017 with No Comments

For the summer break, I don’t find the time for model railroading in the moment, I have some rare photos from my first log train. This log train was built in … to the great Romanian logging railroads for G-scale. The steam loco “Berta” was kit-bashed from a Playmobil loco. The three original cars, two […]

A “Resita” makers plate

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 18 June 2017 with 1 Comment

A few years ago, I found a LIMA plate replica, the manufacturer of the SHAY locomotives. Now I was looking for my second favorite logging loco, the Romanian RESITA. These loco were built in the 1940/50th and served several forest railways in Romania and others. Some are still in operation on tourist lines and a […]

It’s (mostly) done…

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 25 January 2017 with No Comments

Hello followers, in the past days, I spend some time here and there to get progress done in my new workshop. After moving the bigger machines into the new shop and filling all the drawers and cabinets with tools and stuff, nearly everything has found its new home. Finally, I defined the new workshop “ready […]

First changes in my workshop interior

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 with No Comments

Hi folks, in the past days, did some finishing touches on my old house, which is actually for sale. I also brought a lot of stuff and tools from the old workshop to the new one and started to fill the drawers and cabinets with stuff. I soon realized, that I want have enough space […]

More kitchen cabinets and storage shelfs

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 5 January 2017 with No Comments

Hello, here’s another short update. I finally installed the remaining kitchen cabinets as well as some shelfs to hold material. Later, these shelfs will hold my raw materials. At least, I added bottom shelf to the work table to store some more stuff. I also made some theoretical progress on the mill and lathe support. […]

Happy new year & workshop progress update

Posted by Gerd on Monday, 2 January 2017 with 2 Comments

Hello folks, I wish you all a happy New Year 2017 , health and peace as well as many joy with our hobby !!! I wasn’t busy at the end of 2016 and did major progress in the workshop. My dad helped me out one day and we covered the last walls to get the […]

Merry X-mas and a happy new year

Posted by Gerd on Thursday, 22 December 2016 with 3 Comments

Hi folks, my family and I wich you a Merry Christmas and a good start into 2017. Good bless and keep up model railroading 😉 Ronja, Katrin & Gerd

Making progress on the new workshop

Posted by Gerd on Wednesday, 21 December 2016 with No Comments

Good morning, yesterday, I had a free evening and I used the time to make major progress in my workshop. I finished three more walls and finally 2/3 of the workshop is done. I installed some more power sockets as I realized, that I had some “dead spots”. Next step will be to install the […]